My Bedroom Cleaning Routine (+Tips)

By Kezia Mariska - September 12, 2017

Let’s have something great to start off the month of September. I want to encourage you guys to start clean and fresh. You don’t want to feel tired and whacked just because you don’t have a clear surrounding (read: your bedroom), right?

As you guys can read from the title, I’m going to share with you my bedroom cleaning routine in aim to help you guys out when you are overwhelmed and no idea where to start. In most part, cleaning is not everybody’s favorite thing to do. It takes time and ain’t nobody got time for that. But, I spend most of time in my bedroom, sleeping (duh), doing homework, watching drama, doing my hobby, reading, working out, and other crucial stuff (including dancing and singing around). So, it’s really important to keep them clean and clutter-free. Just so you know, in every single book and article I have read and video I have watched, they always say that you are less motivated when you have your surrounding messy. So keep that in mind and let’s start, shall we?

Disclaimer, this is not a deep-clean cleaning session (maybe I will consider making another post about it soon). This is a quick cleaning routine to make your room cleaner in a glance.

To begin, choose one day out of your week to do this routine. Mine is on Sunday. I always start around 10/11 in the morning.

Geared Up!
Prepare your cleaning arms with dry cloth and all-purpose surface cleaner. If you don’t have a store spray cleaner ready, let’s make it on our own! Making homemade cleaners is super easy and my favorite recipe is made using the basic ingredients you have at home.

What you’ll need to make all-purpose surface cleaner
  • New or used spray bottle
  • Tap water
  • Vinegar
  • Drops of essential oil
Put them all into the spray bottle and shake it off. If you are wondering how much amount water or vinegar should be poured, it depends on the size of your spray bottle. Mine is small, so, I like to fill the half of the bottle first with tap water followed by 5 tablespoons of vinegar and 5 drops of essential oil. Spray the cleaner on to the cloth and you are ready to tackle the mess! Note: Don’t use the vinegar cleaner on marble or granite.

Have a ‘Friend’ by Your Side
MUSIC! Yes, make a happy vibes playlist on your spotify or other music player and start playing it. It will be your supporter throughout your cleaning session. You can play audio book or podcast if you want to. Or if you are like me and have this weird obsession of fairy tale story, you can let them play too. If you haven’t known already, spotify has this fairy tale playlist featuring well-known tales like beauty and the beast, little red riding hood, emperor’s new clothes, etc.

Where to Start?
Luckily, I have a small bedroom with one bathroom inside, so I don’t have to worry so much. I could do this cleaning routine for only an hour or two. I’d like to start with cleaning my bed area (headboard, bed side table, magazine holder, standing lamp, and some drawers under my bed). Rub all the dusty surface and start organizing. Put everything back on place. You can categorize each place, this drawer is for tech stuff, this drawer is for bags, etc. You name it. And throw un-wanted things to the trash can immediately.

Moving on to my desk area. What I like to do is put away all the things on my desk and start rubbing the surface with my homemade spray cleaner. Cleaning only the visible surface is prohibited! Then, use that spray to rub any décor or display you have on the desk. Mine is frame, Buddha figure, plastic folders, etc. They are sometimes covered with dust, too. Again, put everything in place and orderly.

Next, wardrobe! I have this sliding closet with mirror attached on one side. Start by cleaning the mirror and move on right inside. Remove all the dust slumped on every surface. This time, I’m not urging you to de-clutter your wardrobe. If you have some extra time and that gusto, you shall fold your clothes neatly and start hanging back certain clothes.

And to finish it off, I do my bathroom. If you don’t have a bathroom inside, maybe you can help out your mom to clean the other bathroom. I don’t really have magical tips on cleaning the bathroom, but I like to start with the drawers (make sure everything is staying on their place), sink, sliding shower door, and toilet. Ah! Maybe I have one tip to help you organize the bathroom which is having only things you know you will use it and don’t buy another bottle of shower gel just because they have them on sale or you like the smell if you still have it full at your home.

Yes! We are now finished! Treat yourself with whatever your heart desire. Mine is doing a pamper routine (wait, what? Another routine?). Because I do this twice a month on Sunday, I like to finish up the day with having a me time by taking care of my body. You gotta love yourself, right? From face mask, hair mask to glorious bubble bath, I do them all. Besides, you can have a fulfilling dinner or a cup of strawberry ice cream.

Repeat Twice a Month or Once a Week If You Want
Because it’s called a routine, repeat the process twice a month or once a week if you are willing to. As I promised earlier, I will be making another blog post about deep-cleaning that will take more than a day. Believe me or not, you can’t do all the things in just one day. It will be tiring and lead you to burnout! It’s important to just start somewhere. For instance, a day for de-cluttering your wardrobe, a day for book sorting, etc. Starting the process and doing something is more helpful than doing everything all at once. Good luck!

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    1. Hahahaha thank You Je! You can have yours, too. Coba cari inspirasi di pinterest deh buat rombak kamar.

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