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By Kezia Mariska - November 25, 2017

By reading the title, some of you may guess ‘Wait, is that a movie title?’ Well, yes you are right, but this post it’s not going to be me talking about Anne Hathaway or Robert de Niro acts. By adopting the same title, I’m referring to something more special than that. You are about to read my internship experience! Ready or not, here I come!

It all started with me surviving through another semester of my university life. After passing the 6th semester (I have 8 semesters in total before graduating), I have to go through another freakin semester which leads me to this mandatory requirement, INTERNSHIP. For the first time in my life, I feel really really terrified that I can’t pass this one. First, homegirl should find the intern vacancies by herself. Second, homegirl still don’t have her resume ready. Third, homegirl was basically did not ready for all of these. BOOM! What should I do then? All I can do back then was trying to be cooperative with all the process down from the uni and see where it takes me.

I came with an open heart to the internship briefing held by the campus. They basically told us about do (s) and don’t (s) while going through the intern process. Me, as one of the multimedia journalism students should do the internship at the established media whether it’s newspaper, magazine, tabloid, or online media company. I started to think, where am I going to be putting my ass off for this internship? Since I am a lifestyle magazine addict/hoarder, right in that moment I know where I am going.

First thing first, I have my resume ready and I listed down all of my favorite lifestyle magazines. We all know the internship hunt isn’t easy, so I found myself striving in order to find the right place. Well, it didn’t happen just like that, I was throwing resumes at every wall possible to see what sticks and….. one morning I got a call (during class)!

I jumped and talked to the HR calmly but deep down, I was really excited!!!! Long story short, after the interview session and some job tests, THEY FINALLY HIRED ME AS AN INTERN! I was over the moon when receiving a final follow-up call from the HR. Thank You for making another step possible for me.

Oops, I think I haven’t mention the media where I put myself into yet. It’s HighEnd Teen! To clarify things, HighEnd Teen used to be a source of information shaped in a magazine form from the early 2008 until the very last issue, July 2017. Since then, they shifted all the content digitally to, HighEnd Teen Youtube channel and @highendteen on Instagram. Still, they focus on lifestyle content for teen, delivering smart articles and up-to-date news. For some extra insights, HighEnd Teen is a sister to HighEnd magazine published by PT MNI Entertainment. They are part of the highly respected PT Global Mediacom Tbk family which includes PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNC Group).

After the long process of finding ‘the right’ place, the first day problem started to occur. Now I have to actually go to work, well, as an intern, but still I have the similar responsibility. Since I have an over thinking problem and I hate to be in the new atmosphere, my first day of intern was really anxiety-inducing. What should I wear? What should I do when I arrived? How will I greet my work colleague? What and how about this and that questions starting to pop out.

First day was really terrifying for me. I have never been into a real workspace before. I have never done any of part time or any other jobs before. Basically, I have a zero experience with all of these. The only thing I have in mind is I really want to go home and sleep (in case you didn't know, I have a bad social anxiety hahaha…). It was getting worse when people around the office staring at me like, Who the hell is she? What is she doing here? My mind was constantly racing and worried too much.

After the first day, second day, first week, second week passed, I have found myself feeling really comfortable and happy with the job. I can finally say, it’s just a matter of time (saying goodbye to my super high anxiety self). I was involved in many photo shoots as a stylist assistant, going to events, writing many fashion and beauty articles, interviewing people, taking photos, producing digital content, and other exciting activities. Since HighEnd Teen shifted their content digitally, all of the HighEnd Teen editorial team is now in charge on helping HighEnd magazine editorial team as well. Yes, including me. I worked for both media, HighEnd Teen and HighEnd. I produced fashion and beauty articles (mostly news feature) on HighEnd Teen’s website along with Fashion First Look and Beauty Flawless News rubrics on HighEnd magazine. I had so much fun!

Editorial Workspace
Kak Aristha, Ci Sherly and Me!
Also, big shout out to everyone in the office who helped me get through the tough times (you know who you are). You guys are one of the most hard working and dynamic team ever! Of course to my HighEnd Teen mentor, Sherly Cynthia. She encouraged and guided me from the very beginning. Without you I’m nothing, Ci hahaha… Also shout out to Kak Olin, my mentor while working for HighEnd magazine. You are the most loving and patient person I know. If you ask me about the work atmosphere, it almost feels like working from home and less hurry (which I like). They are not forcing you to do it in fast pace. As long as you are passionate about what you do and have that high initiative and responsibility, you can do the job well. As the result, they will believe in your work and not putting so much pressure on you.

I have always been into writing, maybe since I was in junior high school. I have my own blog back then, much likely as my open online diary. Even though sometimes I still find myself being in the long writing hiatus, I keep coming back and write. Since HighEnd Teen produced lifestyle content including music, photography, travel, fashion, food, etc. and I also have a lot of interest in them, I am happy that I could be a part of HighEnd Teen team.

Despite all the sweat and stress going back and forth from Serpong to Jakarta Monday to Friday, I am truly blessed to have new working experience and all the knowledge inside also meeting great people in and outside the office. Working in the media especially jumping down in the lifestyle field is very challenging and fun at the same time. First, going to many events during the rush hour. Guys, it’s Jakarta. Being on time to events is something really intense to do. But every time I try to be on schedule, the event is being postponed (almost in every event). Second, for me writing is always therapeutic and I enjoy it so much but I admit sometimes we have that one day feeling like crap and stuck. That’s where I have to put myself up, focus, and find great content to write. If you want to read my writings go to Third, interviewing people. I got a chance to interview dr. Natasha Vinski which was featured on HighEnd magazine cover for October 2017 edition. I was in charged to do an interview for the cover story!!! How amazing was that?

Going to event
Photo Shoots
This internship has given me the much-needed experience and face time with an industry insider that is necessary to land my first real job. But to be honest, I have never seen myself working in HighEnd Teen in every way possible. I was their loyal reader before they are finally closing the print. I have never imagined myself producing content for them and have my writing read by public. Such a great experience! With that being said, I believe that sometimes we need a dash of uncertainty to keep things interesting because you can’t experience something new if you are doing the same thing every single day, right?

To sum up my internship story, I have a few tips that might help you get through your version of internship. Do some research before sending your resume and make sure you’ll love the company or at least you can picture yourself working there. For your resume, it’s important to showcasing only the most relevant and high-quality examples of your work related to the position you want to apply. If you got the job, don’t do too much work though, you don’t want to set the bar too high for yourself and end up being expected to do like 5 people’s jobs. Using your initiative when working on a task is one of a good example, but develop a feel for when it’s best to stop and ask for guidance. So, always be open and ask questions.

Good luck, peeps!

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